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Attys Kittles

Having bought, and sold a house in the last three months, I've been at both end of the spectrum. A home inspection should be professional and informative for both the buyer and the seller with no hidden agenda. VisionQuest provided me with nothing less. David was very thorough, professional, and informative. Items of concern were addressed and explained with recommendations on how to correct some items. David's inspection gave me a clear respective about everything I needed to be concerned with when I purchased my home. Good and bad. If you did not get that with your home inspection, maybe you hired the wrong Home Inspection Company. I was very pleased with VisionQuest. I would definitely use VisionQuest again. If you are looking for a professional quality home inspection, I highly recommend you give them a call. You will be glad you did.

Home Inspection Services Mableton GA by VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC

Even though David does not enforce building codes, he is very knowledgeable and was able to explain why various components are required by code and their function. David explained to us why it is necessary to have an expansion tank on our hot water heater.

Home Inspection Services Senoia GA by VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC

David explained that outlets near water need to be GFCI protected. They contain a sensor that monitors the flow of the electrical current through the wires, and when it senses a ground fault, the GFCI, which also contains an internal switch, shuts off the flow of electricity in the outlet.

Home Inspection Services Sharpsburg GA by VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC

David reviewed with us his findings and recommendations before he left the property to inform us of any major deficiencies prior to receiving our inspection report.

Annette Brown

David performed the last home inspection for my husband and me. He missed nothing. David was very patient and sat down with me after the inspection and explained to me all the deficiencies. He also answered all my questions and said that if I have any questions after purchasing the home, that I could use him as a resource for questions anytime for as long as I own the home. We were impressed with both his professionalism and the thoroughness of his report. I would recommend him without hesitation. Actually, I have recommended him to friends who used his service and they too were extremely satisfied.

Home Inspection Services Mableton GA by VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC