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Pre-Listing Inspection

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What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-Listing Home Inspection is performed when the homeowner is considering placing their home on the market for sale. The Pre-Listing Home Inspection is initiated by the seller or selling agent and is typically paid by the seller. The cost of a Pre-Listing Home Insection is about half the price of a General Home Inspection and targets the big ticket items of the home.

What Is Included in a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Why should I get a Pre-Listing Inspection?

  1. VisionQuest's credibility makes prospective buyers comfortable and can eliminate conditional offers or 11th-hour renegotiations when deficiencies are recognized before the house is listed.
  2. Full Disclosure of deficiencies in the home allows the seller to make repairs to the home prior to a potential offer allowing for a more stress free transaction.
  3. Inspector Options allows the seller to select their own inspector, rather than relying on the buyers to supply an inspector.
  4. Economic Pricing based upon square footage of the home and is typically half the price of a General Home Inspection.

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