Home Health Checkup/Pre-Listing Home Inspection Hiram, GA

Whether you are an investor or property manager, you need a professional evaluation of the condition of the property. This inspection provides information about the condition of the major components of your investment or rental property. Our trained inspectors use a rigorous inspection protocol to identify and evaluate the specific issues that your property could have. At VisionQuest you can count on us for an experienced and thorough perspective.

Roof Inspection that include but not limited to:

  • Roof covering - Checking for type of roof cover used and approximate age, nail pops, lifting shingles, missing shingles, proper installation of flashing, sagging or budging or any other signs of potential roof damage.
  • Structures - walk the attic to inspect for broken or improperly installed trusses or joists, inspect for water penetration, visible day light through exterior siding, rodent activity and source of infiltration.
  • Chimney - installation of fire arrestor, wood rot and potential for water penetration, buildup of creosote, look for wild life nesting and other potential fire hazards.

Visual Exterior Inspection

  • Siding and trim- checking for proper installation, rotted wood, adequate caulking
  • Grading and drainage - proper slope and water flow away from foundation.
  • Decks - check railing and steps for code specifications, proper securing of deck to structure, wood rot, overall condition

All Mechanicals

Electrical - Open up panel to check for proper wiring and safety, check all outlets for proper wiring and potential fire hazards,determine if GFCI outlets are placed where required. HVAC - check filters for proper size and cleanliness, check for burners for burn marks or rust, air leaks, inspect for proper ventilation, insuring that the compressor unit is level, proper clearance around furnace unit, determine the age of the units, determine the life expectancy of the units

Plumbing - determine the type, check all shut off valves, determine the condition of the hot water heater and its age and life expectancy and check water pressure

Foundation - Determine the type of material used, look for access points for rodents and water penetration, inspect for any settling, uplifting or shifting of foundation, evaluate drainage around foundation