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What is a Home Health Checkup Inspection?

Most people go to the doctor to get an annual checkup to find out the condition of their body. If there are issues, the doctor may prescribe medication or a certain procedure. The same goes for your home. If you have lived in your home for 15+ years, you should have it checked out by a professional just like we do for our own health. A Home Health Check-up Inspection for your home by a certified inspector can eliminate any surprises and even prevent future damage.

What Is Included in Home Health Checkup Inspection?

This inspection targets the big ticket items of the home which includes:

Why should I get a Home Health Checkup Inspection?

  1. Peace of mind in knowing the health/condition of your home and what areas of concern you need to place emphasis.
  2. Proactive instead of reactive approach is getting ahead of the game. Don't wait until problems arise, prevent them before they happen. The home health checkup could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.
  3. Economical pricing as these inspections can be worked into your budget and completed at your leisure. This inspection is typically half the price of a General Inspection and is based on square footage.

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