The mechanical components of a home are a vital part of any home inspection

Mechanical Inspection Hiram, GA

Home Inspector with 20+ years of experience

Our Mechanical Inspection Services include:

  • Electrical Home Inspection - Open up panel to check for proper wiring and safety, check all outlets for proper wiring and potential fire hazards, determine if GFCI outlets are placed where required.
  • HVAC Inspection - check filters for proper size and cleanliness, check for burners for burn marks or rust, air leaks, inspect for proper ventilation, insuring that the compressor unit is level, proper clearance around furnace unit, determine the age of the units, determine the life expectancy of the units
  • Plumbing Inspection - determine the type, check all shut off valves, determine the condition of the hot water heater tank and its age and life expectancy and check water pressure
  • Water pressure checked at all exterior spigots and hot water heater tank

Our General Home Inspection

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