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Condition Check Inspection - Rental Property Inspection

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What is a Condition Check Inspection?

Whether you are an investor or property manager, you need a professional evaluation of the condition of the property. This inspection provides information about the condition of the major components of your investment or rental property. Our trained inspectors use a rigorous inspection protocol to identify and evaluate the specific issues that your property could have. At VisionQuest you can count on us for an experienced and thorough perspective.

What Is Included in Condition Check Inspection?

Listed below are the typical items that are inspected however we can modify our inspection to meet the investor/property managers needs.

Other items of consideration in a report may be;

  • Pet verification (aggressive breeds)
  • Interior inspection
  • Occupancy verification
  • Additional photos
  • Storm damage

Why do I need a Condition Check?

  1. We can be your eyes and ears if you are an investor located out of state.
  2. Eliminates property managers downtime to visit the site regularly. 
  3. Provides information of the condition of the property to make a wise and sound decision of the purchase.
  4. Provides information to property manager if the tenant is in compliance with the terms of the contract agreement.

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