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It is pretty much a given that home inspection services are a wise initiative before putting your home on the market and even more when purchasing a home. As a homeowner, having a professional home inspection done can help you get the price you ask for the property. As a potential buyer, an inspection of the home allows you to be sure you are investing your money wisely.

At VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC, to ensure the inspection reports we provide our clients are informative, highly detailed, and don’t miss out on anything, we have recently developed our infrared thermal camera capabilities. Infrared thermal imaging technology detects heat signatures, allowing us to identify moisture issues that would not be visible during a limited visual home inspection. Additionally, thermal infrared cameras can pick up on areas in your home not insulate adequately, which can cause an increase in energy costs.

The advantages of infrared thermal imaging don’t just stop with the present but greatly help towards predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical, and structural systems that affect future costs. The technology has also reduced downtime and increased safety with its early detection attributes.

We offer infrared thermal imaging as part of our standard home inspection package and find it is without a doubt the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture, and electrical issues. It’s non-invasive and does not necessitate the destruction of any part of your property to deliver results.

In the short time, we have offered infrared imaging as a service, we have seen significant cost savings for our clients, along with the benefit of peace of mind as our home inspections are thorough and completely comprehensive.

If you’re looking for a trusted home inspector in Hiram, GA, call us at (404) 951-6647 or visit our website at for more information. For over a decade, we have provided our customers with safe and functional inspection reports to make a worry-free decision when purchasing or selling a home. We are committed to excellence and provide value-based inspection services as we care about your well-being and your home.

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