How To Fix Common Issues In Your Home

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Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your home is functioning to an optimum level. However, if you are unaware of problems or they get put on hold, it could prove costly to fix later. 

Therefore, it’s essential to hire a home inspector that can do a thorough assessment and point out common issues before they get out of hand.

So, to help you to fix common issues in your home, VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC has outlined three challenges homeowners face and has presented solutions to overcome them with ease. 

1. The homeowner is experiencing high water bills.
Our inspector suggests putting food coloring into the water tank, and if it leaks into the toilet bowl, that could be the cause of the high water bill. 

If that isn’t the issue, the next option would be to ensure that the outside spigots are winterized to keep the neighborhood’s construction workers from using the water supply. 

2. The homeowner stated the garage door opener did not seem to be working correctly.
The homeowner pushed the button to close the garage door, and his dog ran under it, but the door didn’t stop. 

Our inspector tried to recreate the situation and pushed the garage door opener button, then he went to the door and waived a leg across the light sensor beam, which didn’t trip the sensor and neither did it stop the door.

Our inspector then verified that the light sensors were attached to the garage railing, but the sensors were on. At that point, he attempted to align the light sensors but, in the process, hit the wires attached to the sensors and realized that there was a loose connection at the sensor. 

The inspector tightened the connections and fixed the issue. 

3. The homeowner stated that every time he washes his car, his hose springs a leak. 
Our inspector attached his pressure gauge to the front water spigot and got a reading of 122 psi, which is exceptionally high. Then the inspector took a reading at the hot water heater, and the reading was 65 psi, which is acceptable. The inspector also took a reading at the washing machine connection, which was 65 psi. 

Our inspector’s hunch was that the front water spigot water line was on the front side of the pressure regulator valve, and the water was coming straight from the street and not through the regulator valve. Upon slithering around the crawl space, the inspector verified his intuition.

The solution was to re-route the plumbing for the front water spigot through the back of the regulator valve. 

We hope these home hacks helped you. If you have any other concerns related to the home, reach out to VisionQuest Home Inspections, LLC. We are experienced home inspectors in Hiram, GA, committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. We uphold a standard of integrity by fairness, honesty, and personal responsibility. 

Our services include general home inspections, home health checkups, pre-listing home inspections, eleven-month warranty home inspections, condition check inspections, termite inspection/letter and radon testing.

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